Non-Profit Work

I love working with non-profits

(I love) getting to know an organization — its scope, its inner workings, what makes it universal and specific.

(I love) getting to know the workers, the volunteers, the donors— the people who make the non-profit go-round and know the secret sauce.

(I love) getting to know those the non-profit serves (children, adults, pets, plants)— and seeing the impact the non-profit has on their life. 

(I love) finding and crafting the story. Non-profits are full of stories waiting to be noticed, waiting to be told. 

(I love) coming up with the most powerful way to tell that story. It can be photographs (documentary stories? portraits of people? of objects? of spaces?), videos, audio, gifs, text. A mix. Every medium is a vehicle, and it’s fun to figure out which one best fits the ride. 

(I love) telling your story. the story of your organization, of those who volunteer and work, of those who benefit whether directly or indirectly— of those you help.

(I love) sharing these stories. I love that they make their way in annual reports, grant proposals and articles. I love that they help people understand what you do and why it’s important. I love that they help raise awareness, and funds, and all that so you can keep doing what you do best. 

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Send me an email or give me a call, and, together, we can tell your non-profit’s story. 

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